My Work

A lot of money gets spent on elections in the United States - even on ones where incumbants run unopposed. This is a visualization of the spending of Katherine Clark, an incumbant running unopposed in 2016.

Where are all the healthcare facilities in Massachusetts? Are most of them concentrated around Boston? Does the Western part of the state have access to the facilities they need? This map hopes to answer these questions.

I grew up within a few miles of a commuter rail station in Massachusetts, and I still had trouble using it as a commuting method to Boston. This map shows that a lot of people have the same trouble I have.

NYC is huge, and a lot of times people can't afford to live close to where they work in the city. This map serves to show that people who live in certain areas in the city often times have extremely long commutes to work.

In 2015 the NFL switched the yard line for a kicked extra point from the 2 to the 15. Since the number of attempted two point conversions soared, I wanted to put that rate into historical context

Kickers in the NFL have seemed automatic in the 2017 playoffs - this graph serves to put their success in some context, since kickers have improved drastically in the past 40 years.

The 2016 presidential election brought out a lot of talk about the demographics of voters as a deciding factor for places to split for Trump or Clinton. This tool attempts to allow you to make your own judegements for which demographic variables split voters.