Nick Usoff

d3.js storyteller & software engineer

I'm an engineer, athlete, and student based in Boston. Lately, I've been visualizing all kinds of trends using d3.js.

Currrently, I work part-time as a software engineering intern at Upstream. Previously, I spent some time at DirectAthletics and helped build software for Qleek. I'm finishing up my last semester studying Computer Science at Tufts Unversity, and I'm actively looking for oppurtunities to use my powers for good!

Latest Projects

Death in America

Interactive map of mortality rates for select causes of deaths across a 15 year period.


SAT Scores in MA

Explore different Demographic Factors that contribute to the SAT success of a MA school district.


2016 Presidential Election in MA

Demographics of voters had a huge presence in the media coverage of 2016. Check out how MA towns split by demographic variable.


NYC Commute Map

If you live in New York and you're commute sucks now you can point to data to show how much it really does.